Friday, October 7, 2011

New Biographies

Most of us have someone in our lives that we admire. A family member or a friend. We also have a list of people who we admire but have possibly never met, such as a star athlete, a movie celebrity, an historical figure. When I was studying communication media in college, I admired such people as Edward R. Murrow who for good or bad helped establish a medium that rules the news world today.

It's always fascinating to read about such people... to learn about how events in their lives molded them into the person they became and gave them the courage to achieve their goals. It's also fascinating to read about the people who took decidedly bad turns, such as gangsters and murderers... or to read about the people who dedicate their lives to tracking them down and keeping us safe, sometimes at the risk of their own sanity.

Biographies provide us with a chance to glimpse into the life of another person. They can bring us insight, understanding, humor, inspiration, even awareness. Reading about the courage of another can help us fight our own battles. Biographies can add to our admiration of someone or add to our fear.

Here are some new biographies recently added to the Ligonier Valley Library collection:

Hitman : the untold story of Johnny Martorano : Whitey Bulger's enforcer and the most feared gangster in the underworld
Carr, Howie.

Tales from a free-range childhood
Davis, Donald, 1944-

Paris without end : the true story of Hemingway's first wife
Diliberto, Gioia, 1950-

Beaten, seared, and sauced : on becoming a chef at the Culinary Institute of America
Dixon, Jonathan.

Cocktail hour under the tree of forgetfulness
Fuller, Alexandra, 1969-

Andrew Johnson
Gordon-Reed, Annette.

My year with Eleanor : a memoir
Hancock, Noelle.

Yossarian slept here : when Joseph Heller was dad, the Apthorp was home, and life was a Catch-22
Heller, Erica.

The senator from central casting : the rise, fall, and resurrection of Thomas J. Dodd
Koskoff, David E., 1939-

An accidental sportswriter : a memoir
Lipsyte, Robert.

What it is like to go to war 
Marlantes, Karl.

New Biographies added to the collection can be found on the New Books section of the library near the adult fiction section. If you can't find what you're looking for, we encourage you to ask a library staff member and we'll help you out!

Happy Reading!

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