Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day of Giving is underway until 11:59 pm tonight!

Good Morning, Ligonier!!!

Westmoreland County's Day of Giving is officially underway. Help bring a smile to your favorite non-profit organization by letting us know just how much you care... the Donate Now button is live, and easy to use.

While we hope you'll choose to give to the Ligonier Valley Library, we also know that there are many non-profits in need of your help. Whether you select a single non-profit or add additional non-profits to give toward, we hope you will take the time to donate before 11:59 pm tonight! The form is easy to fill out, and you can feel good knowing that your donation will help your favorite non-profit organization continue to bring you all the things you love and enjoy.

The reason we hope you'll donate before 11:59 pm tonight is that the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County will contribute an additional amount to the library (or non-profit of your choice) from its Day of Giving funds. So, while your donations always count, on this day they go even further toward helping us.

Help us continue to help you!

Thank you! From you Ligonier Valley Library and other non-profit organizations in the Ligonier Valley and Westmoreland County.

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