Friday, June 13, 2008

Many authors switch between teens and adults

The hottest teen author is now attracting adult fans. "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer is dominating the top of New York Times Best Seller List while her teen "Twilight" series has been hot with teens for awhile.

The attraction? Teens love horror, especially vampires, and one usually pops up in a Meyer novel. Her books have been flying off the shelves of the young adult section and some teens have had to place them on reserve just to get their hands on them.

Now adults are desperately trying to read "The Host," her first adult novel, which Amazon has christened a "paranormal romance." This popular book-oriented web site also hailed her as a brilliant writer who will attract legions of adult fans.

Many authors have been switching back and forth between these two age groups lately. James Patterson's "Maximum Ride" series is intended for teens, but adults have been asking for them, too. Walter Mosley, who's fan base is legion, is now attracting teens with his book, "47."

Carl Hiaasen's "Flush" and "Hoot" were hot a few years ago. Hiaasen also has loyal adult fans. Ridley Pierson's "The Kingdom Keepers" is also a hot teen read.

Another teen author who has ventured into the adult section is Meg Cabot. Her "Princess Diaries" series fills up a whole shelf in the teen section while her latest adult novel, "Queen of Babble in the Big City" is the second installment in her popular adult series.

So, next time you're in the library, don't be afraid to venture over to the teen section if you're an adult and the adult section if you're a teen. You just might find a few authors you already know.

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