Thursday, June 12, 2008

True and Fictional Tales About Man's Best Friends

Looking for a good book to read? Make sure you check out the display table at the library. Located next to our New Books bookshelf, the display table is always filled with books centering around a theme. This month's selections are "True and Fictional Tales about Man's Best Friends" in celebration of the library's 3rd Annual Pet Photo Contest.

Most of the books are about dogs and cats, which are a big hit right now due to the recent success of "Marley & Me" by John Grogan. A New York Times Best Seller, "Marley & Me" was so popular that it spawned two spin-offs: "Marley: a Dog Like No Other" is for teen readers and "Bad Dog Marley" is a picture book for kids.

Following on the heels, or tail, of "Marley and Me" is "Colter" by Rick Bass. Colter was adopted by Rick because no one else wanted him. This German Shorthair runt of the litter soon surprised Rick, however, with his amazing intelligence.

"A Good Dog: the Story of Orson, Who Changed My Life" by Jon Katz tells the tale of his "lifelong pet" Orson, who at times terrorized the neighborhood, and at other times, showed Jon just how life should be lived.

Of course, there are also fictional tales of our furry friends. Two notable fictional series featuring cats includes one that insists on listing the cat as a co-writer. Sneaky Pie Brown apparently helps her owner Rita Mae Brown with her Mrs. Murphy mysteries.

Lillian Jackson Braun chooses not to share the credit with her featured cats Koko and Yum Yum, who help Detective-journalist Jim Quilleran solve a few mysteries.

Whether it's fiction or true tales, cats or dogs, there's plenty of choices available at the display table. Stop by and pick up a few....

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Ruth said...

This is a great list of dog books. One that I noticed you don't have on your list is Life to the Max by Robin Reynolds. It's the story of her Airedale Terrier named Max, and the life lessons she and her family learned through him.