Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving... The Lost Holiday

'Giving Thanks'
Outside Window Display
Go into just about any store in the United States after Halloween and you will be bombarded by Christmas. But wait! Isn't there another major holiday that all citizens of this great nation celebrate?

This Thanksgiving, we hope you'll take some time away from thoughts of future holidays to give thanks and show appreciation to your family and friends. Don't forget to give an extra big thank you to the person(s) responsible for your delicious feast. And always remember to bestow a genuine 'Thank You' or more upon the nice people who have to work and serve you on the holiday.

"But Thanksgiving is more than eating, Chuck.... We should just be thankful for being together. I think that's what they mean by 'Thanksgiving,' Charlie Brown." - Marcie from 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'

We at the library are thankful for all of our wonderful patrons who make us a part of their lives. We are thankful for your smiles, kind words, and friendships.

The library will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but we will reopen at 10 am on Fri., November 25!

We wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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