Friday, July 15, 2011

Finding new Items at the Ligonier Valley Library

Want an easy way to know what new items (audiobooks, movies, books, etc.) have been added to the Ligonier Valley Library's collection? We have good news! Not only is it possible to be in the know, but the methods are easy to use.

RSS READER - For those patrons who use an RSS reader on your computer, you can easily subscribe to our system's RSS feeds - feeds exist for New Books, New Videos, New Sound Recordings (which includes audiobooks, playaways, and music CDs) and even for New Large Print. Subscribing to one or all of these feeds will bring new titles to your desktop. The URLs can be found by visiting the library's homepage, clicking on the link to Polaris, and then the "New Titles RSS" on the left side of the Polaris screen. This method will ensure that you subscribe to the Ligonier Valley Library's collection.

If you do not have an RSS Reader, no problem. Follow the steps above, but instead of clicking on the "New Titles RSS" link pick any one of the links listed below to see materials recently added to that category.

LIBRARY BLOG - Check here! At least once a month, we try to post lists of new materials that have been added to our collection.

The best way to locate the posts is to use the section titled Labels. Here you will discover multiple categories that will help you find what you are looking for from New Audiobooks to New Books to New Graphic Novels and Young Adult Books. Using the categories under the Labels section will enable you to see current as well as past posts. You can also use the Blog Archives or the Search This Blog features to locate the new material posts.

POLARIS SEARCH - In addition to the RSS Feeds, you can also use our Online Catalog to search for new materials. By selecting the Advanced search option, you can tweak the perimeters to help you locate new titles by favorite authors or by interest (subject or genre) and more.

NEW BOOK SHELF - New fiction and non-fiction books have a special place in our library. They are located along the fiction section just past the Catalog Computers.

We also encourage you to stop by and browse our shelves. Much of our new items have reserve lists (especially novels and movies), but every time you stop in you are likely to find something 'new' on one of our shelves. You can also ask a member of the library staff... after all, we also enjoy the new stuff! We'll be happy to help you.

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