Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lisa Scottoline visits Oakmont

Lisa Scottoline (pronounced scotto-lee-knee) is the bestselling and award-winning author of 18 novels - the majority of which feature the beloved Rosato & Associates law firm. Deciding that the world needed a bit more humor, she broached the Philadephia Inquirer about writing a "Chick Wit" column. Her books Why my third husband will be a dog and My nest isn't empty, it just has more closet space are a compilation of those articles and feature contributions from daughter Francesca. Lisa is also the current president of Mystery Writer's of America.

On Monday, April 18, she made her 14th visit to the Oakmont area to talk about herself and her newest book, Save Me. The visit was sponsored by the Mystery Lovers Bookshop and held at the Oakmont Carnegie Library.

Set in a Pennsylvania suburb, Save Me is about the choice a mother, Rose McKenna, must make when an explosion in the school cafeteria forces her to decide between saving her own daughter or the little girl who has been bullying her daughter.

In true Lisa-fashion (which is a combination of seriousness and wit), she discussed how the plot idea for Save Me came about after a conversation with a friend. She also talked about the research that went into writing the novel. Lisa puts a high priority not only on good writing but on giving each of her stories a certain level of authenticity. Part of the research for this particular novel resulted in her having to spend many hours in the company of firemen - oh, the sacrifices such writers must make!

If you ever get the chance to meet Lisa Scottoline, you will not be disappointed. Lisa has a gift for touching your heart, and making you laugh until you cry. As an author, she loves her career choice and works hard at writing novels about strong, real characters who readers will hopefully enjoy spending time with. She also makes every effort at book signings to spend time chatting and posing for pictures. Lisa is a down-to-earth, Pennsylvania girl with a true love of her family and friends and her various animals... and who absolutely adores her fans.

Our library system has all of Lisa Scottoline's books in our collection. Stop by and check them out.

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Netherland said...

I love reading Lisa's book's they are so relatable!
I myself have a birthmark on my cheek... I was interesting to see it being played out. Very satisfied with the book! Loved it.