Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring into Decluttering

The weather is gradually becoming warmer and sunnier; and rain showers are beginning to replace those pesky ice and snow storms. Spring brings with it an urge to throw open the windows and clean away the winter cobwebs. It also inspires a desire to declutter our lives and our homes.

Over the years, we have managed to collect a lot of treasured objects d'art, for example: the finger painting that your child created when he or she was 5 years old (you know, the one you still have 20 years later). We keep things that at the moment seemed tremendously important. Spring sheds a new light on these items, making us reevaluate their importance. Your local library or used bookstore can help you find new homes for the nice books you've collected. (Visit our Re-Readables Bookstore page to learn more about donating to our used bookstore.)

Organizing and decluttering your life and home can be a tremendous and overwhelming process, and often the urge to do so only lasts so long.

Check your library system for books on decluttering.  These books will not only teach you how to effectively perform the task, but they will offer ideas and provide actual, proven methods that will keep you from re-cluttering. Here are a couple you can find at the Ligonier Valley Library:

Or, of course, you can do like the rest of us - borrow a new fiction book and take a trip far away from the clutter!  After all, you only have 2 weeks to read the book, and you can't possibly clean and read at the same time.  Can you?

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