Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is it to be a Fan?

As many of you know the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers have each earned a place in the ultimate football event. Both are excellent organization with the best (and nuttiest) fans in the world! Yes, I meant to say "the world." I don't know about Packer fans, but the Steeler Nation extends not only all across the USA but to far away lands such as Brazil and Germany and possibly farther.

Yet oddly enough there are still people out there who just don't get it. When you discuss wearing your favorite player's jersey on certain days or every game day, they look at you as if you have sprouted horns. When you discuss the need to decorate every crevice of your work space with sporting paraphernalia, you may as well be speaking Klingon.

So, what does it mean to be a fan? You become part of a community. Most of the people in this community are perfect strangers, but not for long. United in the goal to cheer on your team, you will soon get to know those other fans. You will scream (in a good way), laugh, cry, jump for joy, and argue together. You will share in the good moments, and console each other through the sad moments. And if you are Pittsburgh Steeler fans, you will wave your Terrible Towels together. You will wear your team's colors on a specific day; if only because a rally is being held (that you can't attend because you have to work). You will convince yourself that not doing this could cause your team to lose... and back it up with several examples of times when just such a thing happened. You'll also smile a mile wide when you hear team members explain how their Fans helped them get through the game or that the award we all know they earned by their skill was won for you. What could be better?

Every organization, not just sporting teams, should be lucky enough to have fans. Wouldn't it be great to have library fans?  Wait, we do!  You!  Our library patrons. You are some of the best fans in the county (maybe state). Our fans may not wear shirts with our faces on them or swirl a towel in our honor, but they show their support in other ways. They write the Governor for better funding support... they use our system, constantly circulating our books and other materials... they give a quiet thank you when we help them find something... they wave hello and visit with us for a little while... they seek our help, join our book discussion groups, and renew their memberships.

And for this and more... we thank you!

Now... LET'S GO STEELERS!!!  Don't forget to wear your Black & Gold!

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