Monday, November 22, 2010


Summer has passed. Yes, I am aware it was 70 degree today, but Summer is over. Our town is looking quite festive. The elves of Ligonier have decorated the Diamond area in preparation for Santa's parade and town lighting this Friday.

Yet there is a wonderful little one day holiday between today and Friday that we hope you will enjoy celebrating. Thanksgiving!

While some may be tired of this annual question, we still like to ask it and answer it. What will you be giving thanks for this week? When all of the news stories seem to be about something negative happening in our world. What do you find worthy of giving thanks for?

We are thankful for:

Our regular patrons who stop by at least once a week, if not once a day, to utilize the free services found at the library... and hopefully to visit with us a little too. We are thankful for your friendship and smiling faces.

The small children who become so upset when they can't check out a book or find that we are closed. While we are sad to know that you are having a bad day or that you missed out on visiting us, we are thrilled to know that you love us enough to let your voices be heard! (But we would remind you to use your library voices.)

We're even more thankful to the small children who grew up, and now bring their small children to the library. This makes us feel a little old, but we're thankful none the less.

Books! We are thankful for the way a new book feels in our hands, the smell of a freshly published page of literature, and the chance to go on whatever adventure the author has created for us. We're also thankful that so many of you love books too.

Our Book Discussion Group members who diligently read the selected books - even if they are not always to their taste or worse turn out to not be a well-written tale. We enjoy sharing an hour or so once a month or every other month with you, listening to your intelligent and often insightful comments.

All the people who volunteer to work in the library's Re-Readables Bookstore and help with the booksale. We're flattered and grateful that you make time in your busy schedule to help us.

Mike and Sharel at ComTech. We have the best Tech-Geek, and his wife is very nice and patient. Thanks for keeping our computers running. (Honestly, we're not breaking them on purpose.)

Everyone who donates to the library. Your contributions help!

We are especially thankful to those who write impassioned letters to their legislators on why they should work to keep libraries open instead of trying so hard to force our doors closed. Your love of libraries is truly appreciated more than you can know!

Each other. Yeah, we're thankful for each other. While most of the time we are a rather serious professional library staff, we occasionally find time for a laugh or two. (Ok, maybe we laugh a bit more than we are serious, but just ask us to help you find a book and we become quite professional.)

Our families. And, well... for 70 degree days in the middle of November!!!

The Staff of the Ligonier Valley Library says "THANK YOU!" We hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

The library will be closed for Thanksgiving Day, but we will re-open at 10am on Friday, November 26th.

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