Saturday, June 12, 2010

Find the Value of Your Antiques

Go to Ligonier Valley Library's web page at to use our new Antiques Database.

The p4a Antiques Reference database is where you can find the answers to those questions – What is it? and How Much is it Worth? This easily searchable online database edits information about collectibles, antiques and fine art provided by over 140 major U.S. auction companies. Updated daily, each record has at least one color picture, a description, the sale price and date, and auction house name and contact information. Added biographical and historical reference notes enhance many of the records.

Click on the Online Databases button on the left side of our web site. All you need to do to log on to any of the library's free databases from your home computer is type in the 14 digit bar code on the back of your WLN library card. Need a library card? Stop in the library today to register for one. It's free if you live in Westmoreland County! Just bring current identification with you.