Saturday, March 28, 2009

Author Biographies

So, I was having lunch with friends the other day and naturally our conversation turned to books.

I introduced my one friend to her very first mystery - a nice cozy one set in Amish-country. She actually enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I may have reached my limit on books to recommend, as I tend to read heavier (less cozy) mysteries... but one never knows.

The topic of mysteries naturally led myself and the other friend onto a discussion of British author Agatha Christie. She's a fascinating lady.

Dame Agatha Christie is the creator of the great detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple. She has written eighty novels and short stories as well as several plays, one of which is considered to be the longest running play in history - The Mousetrap has been playing for over 56 years in London's West End. Christie used much of her real life experiences - especially her travels and time spent on archeological digs with her 2nd husband - in her stories.

But rather than my going on and on, stop by the library and check out one of her biographies... such as "The 8:55 to Baghdad : from London to Iraq on the trail of Agatha Christie" by Andrew Eames. We have several more and others can be found in the system.

While you are in the biography section, take a look around... you never know who else you might find just waiting to share their life's story with you.

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