Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Romance is in the Book

This Saturday is Valentine's Day! It really shouldn't be a surprise. The displays of hearts, flowers, and candy that can be found in just about every store are a little hard to miss. So, with the most romantic day of the year knocking at our door... our thoughts naturally turn to our bookshelves.

Of course, there are classics such as any novel written by Jane Austen.

Lovers of Pride & Prejudice might want to read Colleen McCullough's new novel, The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet, which is a sequel to Pride & Prejudice. McCullough's story follows the misadventures of the wallflower sister who is now in her thirties and has bloomed into a beautiful woman.

If you are looking for a more modern tale of love and romance, try one of these:

Tomorrow's Promise by Sandra Brown
The Various Flavors Of Coffee by Anthony Capella
Nice To Come Home To by Rebecca Flowers
The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

And what list would be complete without mentioning Stephenie Meyer's series that begins with the novel Twilight. Teen love can be challenging on a normal day, but when your true love turns out to be a vampire.... it leads to a wonderfully written tale.

Prefer a romantic movie? Or the sound of romantic music? Oh, we have those too. If you need help finding them, let us know.

No matter how you choose to spend the day (even if it's in quite rebellion), we hope you have fun!

PS - If you are spending the day in quite rebellion against all things "love," might we suggest curling up to a nice gruesome murder-mystery. Or perhaps something written by the Preston-Child duo or Stephen King?

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