Monday, September 8, 2008

Final Week of the Book Sale!

September 8 - 13 is the final week of the Odds & Ends Bargain Book Sale found in the library's basement! And we're offering you quite a deal! What's better than .25 cents an item, you wonder? How about $1.00 for a bag (or box) full of items?

For the final week of the bargain book sale, bring your own bag (or box) and fill it for a $1.00!*

The sale is open Mon - Sat at 10:00 am and closes a half hour before the library closes. Hundreds of "treasures" are still available.

*This does NOT include any materials found in the Re-Readables book store. All items in the book store are individually priced.

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Diane Cipa said...

That's a fantastic deal. I might just have to come over now for a third time and load up. I've already read three of the books purchased at the sale and they set me back what - maybe 30 cents - probably less? Got them in the buck a bag offer at preview night.