Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two weeks is a long time to watch extras

If you're a movie nut like me, you might like watching all the bonus features that accompany a movie on DVD. This usually includes behind the scene footage, a blooper reel, and a commentary track if you're lucky. These extras make the movie experience even better because you get to learn more about what went into making the film itself.

Unlike a video store, which allows you to rent a movie for only one or two nights, the library lets you to borrow a DVD for two whole weeks. That's plenty of time to watch all those bonus features. And, if you've ever seen the Ligonier Valley Library's copy of "Jaws," you know the extras include a two-hour "making of" documentary.

The other day I watched the entire commentary about the movie "Swing Time." Released in 1936, it is the quintessential Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie. I thought the commentary was amazing. The commentor went through the whole film and gave detailed accounts about the movie, the dances, and facts about the stars themselves. It was like reading a whole book about Astaire and Rogers, yet it took only 90 minutes to listen to it.

The two most interesting things about the movie are: 1) This movie includes the dance that took 47 takes to film and made Ginger's feet bleed. 2.) This movie is only available from the Greensburg-Hempfield Library, but you can order it through the Ligonier Valley Library and receive it as soon as the next day thanks to our new Polaris system.

Yes, that's right, if our library doesn't have the movie or TV show you'd like to see on DVD, one of the other 19 libraries in the system might--and you can order them yourself online through our county catalog! (But, be careful, if you order too many at once, they might all come in at once!)

So, movie fans, check out some movies at the Ligonier Valley Library, or pick them up here by ordering through our county system, and take your time enjoying all the extras after you watch the movie itself.

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