Friday, May 23, 2008


Now that I have discovered blogging, it is time for something new...Podcasting! Not that I am ready to create a podcast just yet...I heard a wonderful lecture last evening about how new technologies, such as podcasting and web 2.0 empower students to become creators of content in the classroom. Tim Hammill, the new Supervisor of Educational Technology for the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit, was the headline speaker for the Share Westmoreland Regional Group Spring Banquet at WCCC. He spoke to a group of school, public and academic librarians about podcasting and how students, as young as third graders, are making their own podcasts and publishing them on the Internet. It was very eyeopening and a lot of fun!

Tim highly recommended the book, "A Whole New Mind," by Dan Pink. It is in the library's collection. Also check out the elementary podcasts from Radio WillowWeb on It is pretty impressive!

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